Luca Fratti - Edison communication, Italy

Luca Fratti - Edison communication, Italy

Hi, I'm Luca Fratti, Edison communication, Bologna. I follow the communication of a company at 360 degrees, starting from the strategy, up to the creation of creative tools.

My limitation has always been not having a stable and structured partner for the creation of technologically reliable websites able to position themselves at the top of search engines.

The affiliation solution allows you to resell effective websites to customers, relying on an efficient organization behind them.

Today I can propose optimized sites to my clients, building the structure according to my needs and obtaining a communication tool in line with the strategy developed for the specific objectives of the company I follow.

I particularly liked the possibility of being able to collaborate with a structure that design websites as it can mean setting up a competitor or building a solid and strategic partnership.

With Zoe Web Solutions and the Zoe Business affiliate program it is clear that the second solution is chosen. The partnership becomes organic and the communication agency puts at its bow one of the most effective arrows to win over a new customer.

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